Wednesday, March 10, 2010

1 down, may more to go

.so i finally broke down & started a blogger, blogspot account thingie. Use to update on myspace page with little blogs here & there. But honestly who still uses myspace? (i do, in fact i have 2 that i'm on constantly still) Might include links to various places here or there, haven't really taken the time to set the page up yet. So here's fun little updates for those playing along:

.still live outside Austin in a college town name San Marcos. Texas State is located here as well as a huge outlet mall that i'm sure my girlfriend can tell you more about than i will ever know. She's more uptodate on fashion while i still have the same further seems forever shirt i got at their show 6 years ago.

.still playing with the Ryan Bales Band out of Austin. Super proud of the work i do with this group. The tunes are great, the live show keeps getting better & we have the new album out & about. If i can figure out how to do it, i'll include an itunes link........somehow. More of a writer, not super internet literate.

.opened a recording studio in the house. Excited to get a few people in here & working. Getting great sounds & just finished up my buddy/studio tech Colin's latest album. Will be on the interwebs & probably in stores as soon as we get it mastered.

.have a nice little home that i keep neglecting to finish up. New floors are down & the roof is fixed but the back porch, living room walls & a variety of things still need some attention. eck.

.still like my veggies as much as you like your big mac. i(sic) still find it funny that the only meat in my house resides in a little friskies can that the little carnivore just loves. the second i head toward the kitchen, he jumps off of whatever he's laying on & runs at full blast. will give him credit though, he likes a little carrot from time to time.

.have an amazing girlfriend who still resides in the land of the north. i(sic) get call a Yankee quite a bit down here for liking hockey, Tegan & Sara, things of that nature but she's still at the top of my list.

.really that's about the extent of all that is ifyousayso86 at the moment. Thank you for taking the time to look at my post & hope to be updating this regularity. Maybe i'll make this a yearly thing but knowing me i'll forget about it by the time my bday rolls around.

love always,

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